Dr. Williams is a “Best of El Paso” foot doctor!

David Williams, DPM
David Williams, DPM

With almost two decades of experience, Dr. Dave Williams brings a wealth of knowledge to his podiatry practice. He graduated from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in 2004 and finished his residency in 2006. He has a Master's degree in Kinesiology focusing on pain-free human movement. Dr. Williams uses his academic and clinical training to provide excellent foot care.

Podiatry runs in the family; Dr. Williams' father and uncle were both podiatrists. Like most kids, when Dr. Williams was growing up he said, “I'm NEVER going to do that!” So, after graduating from college, “Dr. Dave” worked in other fields like education, sports, TV, and the military. He was a professional volleyball coach in Denmark, a TV news anchor all over the country, and a hardworking Hospital Corpsman in the Naval Reserves. Eventually, he fell in love with podiatry. He says, “Podiatry is fast-paced, and we see all kinds of different things. I love the fact that patients come in with pain and leave feeling better. It is exciting to give people the relief they need right away."

Dr. Williams is one of the few doctors in El Paso with medical laser training to relieve foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, neuromas, tendonitis, and nail fungus. El Paso Feet offers state of the art laser treatment for quick, simple and pain free laser visits. No anesthesia is needed for laser therapy and all laser visits can be performed in the office allowing you to get right back to work or play.

Although, he is happy to treat any foot problem, Dr. Williams specializes in curing ingrown toenails, heel pain, nail fungus, treating sports injuries, making custom orthotics, and helping kids feet to grow correctly without any pain. “Dr. Dave” has an exciting background with lots of real-world experience. He is committed to giving the best care to his patients. El Paso Feet is taking new patients and most insurances are accepted. Call us at (915) 239-0003 to book your appointment today!

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